Adam Wirtz

Director / Producer / Enjoyer of cupcakes

Comedy Central, MTV, Murderfist Sketch Comedy, 

Tim Dean

Writer / Producer / Troll

Nick Ciavarella

Writer / Producer / idiot

Sound&Space Theatre

Jared Warner

Writer / Producer /
​Living Nightmare

Murderfist Sketch Comedy, NoTea Productions, MTV

Jared Posts A Personal is the story of poor Jared’s search for love in the artisanal bullshit capital of the world; Bushwick, New York. His two best friends drag him down the rabbit hole of online dating and social media, where they learn that getting older doesn’t mean growing up.

Presented by DailyMotion at the 2013 SxSW festival, the show has built a cult following for its ambitious storytelling and sprawling cast, which features the best rising talent in NYC, including Ilana Glazer, Francesca Ramsey, Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, Pack/Kalter and members of Murderfist Sketch Comedy. 


Jared joins an

                      online dating site...



Creative Team

A Romantic Comedy. Sometimes.